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Max Hernandez
United States
Artwork by :iconsecret-pony:
Teenage Zanon by: :iconpepooni: :iconarcadianphoenix: :iconcloudy-dreamscape: :iconbluekazenate:
Teen Zanon - Pony OC by pepooni Commission: I'm too sexy.... by ArcadianPhoenix Commission:Zanon by Cloudy-Dreamscape Custom Anthro MLP Commission ZanonShadowveil by BlueKazenate
I am a Brony and this is my Oc. Shadow Veil also known as Zanon. There will be some incomming changes.

While he does have a floating crystal above his head, he has no control over it. The crystal does tend to glow, dimly but more so under moonlight. Zanon does not have any magical abilities at all. The crystal only contains the memories of his mother. I do hope this does clear any questions about the crystal. No Zanon is not an Alicorn hes just a pegasus with lots of fluff XD.
So as of the 15th of september. The house im living in has been acutioned off. I have been quite quiet about this as i usually do not like to bring my personal situations on Da. For quite some time I had thought all has been going ok. Because I am disabled going on my own was deemed impossible but mostly due to ignorance and not knowing what benefits i can take advantage of to actually go on my own.

This had prompted me to live with my parents with my wife and kids. Because i need alot of attention my wife is usually home as it makes it hard for her to work due to myself being prone to panic attacks and the like. However most of my panic attacks or other intentions usually were instigated by other problems going with the family which they somehow would drag me into it. But more to that later. I decided to help my father and mother out since they were struggling to pay the house morgage. They are in their 60s so me and my wife would atleast do our best keeping the house clean, cooking, tending the lawn, about everything. We even pay some of the bills, what i can cover with my ssi benefits. supposedly my help alone should have been more than enough to keep them out of any financial woes. my father was making enough to be able to not only pay the bills but even have some extra.

Everything seem to have been going great, till my younger brother decides to divorce my x sister in law, abandond his kids and responsibilities and well they ended up in the house also. My mother heads off to puerto rico. so even caretaking of my nephews fell on me and my wife. Needless to say this was not abiding well for me and my wife. i was going through more triggering stress and well we really couldnt afford more people in the house, both my little brother and my exsister in law did nothing nor pitched in on expenses. We didnt care to help watch over the kids when they would work but while my brother was off on his own, my sister in law did move in. space was crammped but even still she did not want to cover not even her own childrens needs as she was saving to move off to puerto rico.

My father would only complain but then he would actually loan money to the person who least needed it, my brother,  who only ended up using us all. Lending money for my little brothers new girl to get an appartment and car, never paying back. this supposedly lead us to fall behind on bills, well atleast the ones i was not paying. and because my father was spending money elsewhere. all the foodstuffs fell on me. while now my sister in law is gone with her kids. now , my brother is here once again begging for help. He got tossed away and needed a place to recover as now child support is on his butt but it only takes 1/3 of his earnings a month.

I was furious that me and my wife were never taken into account of anything. dispite that my father was furious my little brother was only using him. he still bends over and lets him stay, and even gives him more money which he said he needed to get an appartment but typical he only finances a sports card. yippie.!

So other things have been happening in the meantime. Back in may my wife does question my father when she did hear that the house was sold. I knew my parents were trying to fight the bank to lower the rates which when i became disabled a big part of my lump sum the goverment owed me was put into aiding on paying layer fees and even filing for bankrupcy. I invested over $12k of the lump sum which i got 28k from from past earnings of ssi that owned to me. my wife was told those things were lies, there has been progress and things will be fine not to worry.

We didnt, we trusted my father that things were doing fine, even talks about me pitching in a bit more when the new rates kick in to help more. Well the truth is, we were never in any safe situation. When my ex sister in law tells my wife that on the 12th of september our house would be up for acution i decided to investigate and went through my fathers papers. since 2010 he has never paid the mortgage. he had been saving about 800$ a month because of that. Yet still he struggled to be paying the electric bill which kept falling behind as i pay and keep up to date the water and cable bill. My father alone makes enough to pay the mortgage and all of the bills combined pluss his own expences and be capable of having extra income. So i wonder, how did he fall in debt so hard. more so when we are helping out spending 500$ of my ssi benefits on bills, he has no money to his name. when every year he gets to keep the full income tax return since i let him file my kids and me as disabled. without us he would get about 3k back but with us he gets 10 to 11k a year back.

He never followed up the bankruptsy he just didnt do anything.  then he hid it from us all that everything was under control.  at first i thought my little brother milked him dry but even my father comfirmed the ammounts asked and the 2 times asked for money combined didnt even hit 1000$ so where does all this money go into? your guess is as good as mines. But its the fact that now we are getting evicted. I will be homeless any time soon and even my father knowing this. does nothing. clings on false hopes the person who bought the house in the auction will rent it to him. Like the fuck that person will the second he finds out my father never paid the mortgage for 4 years and is in debt...

What makes matters worse is that im not supposed to worry about this, he doesnt have to tell me anything because its not my buisness. yet soon my wife n children, together with him wont have a home.

Who can i blame other than myself for not getting into this stuff sooner. I guess all i can do is see if one of my family members will allow us to use a garage for storage and head off to a refuge till i can either get section 8 or get on a hud program. I myself am still trying to find out more information but darn if i would have known sooner id react sooner. The mention that my fathers house would be sold on september 12 was given notice since may 2nd. but we didnt know about this till sept 12 which pissed my wife off as she asked about this on may and was told otherwise.

I am no one who will ask for money, i dont need that. I just need information. anyone who knows more about section 8, ways to apply to the private sector as usually the public one is closed out, more information about how to get into low income housing. any info on that would help. my wife and i are good when it comes to our expences, we know how to pinch pennies. i just need help on getting information. anything right now that you know of can help.
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Three Ponies, Protagonists of my new Pokemon game challange!

These commissions were done by The adorable :iconbluekazenate: You all should visit her page, commission her and be amazed by her super amazing arts! Her Chibis are just to cute to handle.



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