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Max Hernandez
United States
Artwork by :iconarcadianphoenix:

Teenage Zanon by: :iconpepooni: :iconarcadianphoenix: :iconcloudy-dreamscape: :iconbluekazenate:
Teen Zanon - Pony OC by pepooniShadow Veil by pepooni Commission 008: I'm too sexy.... by ArcadianPhoenix Commission:Zanon by Cloudy-Dreamscape Custom Anthro MLP Commission ZanonShadowveil by BlueKazenate

Adult Zanon by: :iconbluekazenate:
Adult Zanon by BlueKazenate

I am a fan of MLP and this is my Oc. Shadow Veil also known as Zanon.

While he does have a floating crystal above his head, he has no control over it. The crystal does tend to glow, dimly but more so under moonlight. Zanon does not have any magical abilities at all. The crystal only contains the memories of his mother. I do hope this does clear any questions about the crystal. No Zanon is not an Alicorn hes just a pegasus with lots of fluff XD.
Edit. `
I need to add one thing to break any confusion.

Is the parasitic crystal a species?
Ok i know this may have caused a bit confusion. While the gemstone ponies are a species. The Parasitic Crystal is not a species.

Due to recent events. I am going to open source some of my concepts for others to use as I do dislike seeing things that recently are similar becoming closed and monetized.
There will be two things that will be opened for everyone. All you need to do is to atleast credit either me or ArcadianPhoenix depending on which choice you do make and wish to make an oc based on these two concepts.

While they are open for everyone to make one if they so desire, we do not allow them to be created and sold as adopts or in any other form to make a profit out of them.

The first concept is my firend's :iconarcadianphoenix: 's gemstone ponies.
Gemstone Ponies by ArcadianPhoenix
This species are born already infected with parasitic gems or crystals wthin them, usually these grow onto their bones and as they mature they can sprout out in different locations. The color of the gems or crystals are open to the user but the pattern is expected to be different from other gemponies as no two will have the same gem growth but they can have the same gem color.  The gem/ crystals do let out a faint glow, mostly noticeable at night which aids them to see in really dark places as their eyes are adaptable to it. they live in the crystal mountains and tundra areas as in why they have a thick coat of fur and can thrive under harsh conditions.
This species do follow a almost hive mentality as they are dependent on their queen to keep them from completely turning into crystal. since they are born infected this ensures that they remain loyal to their queen regardless of what actions said queen may take, for the good or bad of the monarchy .
This species are as you see them, there are no wing variants of them. They have a native magical ability to manipulate the earth around them which is usually used to make their dwellings. and hide away from potential predators.
Due to the hostile and harsh environments they tend to reside in their diets consist of feeding off minerals, or whatever scraps they find and also water.
More info will be brought up by :iconarcadianphoenix: so stay tuned. If this is something you are interested feel free to contact her.

The second concept is the Parasitic crystal. This crystal can be of any color.
As you may tell Arcadia and I did work together for her to finish her concept of her species. This was based on My concept of the Parasitic crystal and how it can infect its host to potentially turning its victim into crystal once the crystal itself matures enough to infect again. An infected creature cannot get infected by another parasitic crystal.

The parasite itself crystalizes and hardens as it grows but it also can liquify and even turn into different parts of its infected host without completely hindering it till it finally matures and takes over its host. Usually the vital organs are the final part that the parasitic crystal takes over. The parasite quickly makes its way to the most important vital organs where it would become impossible to dispose of without killing the host. The infected creature will feel a sharp pain during the infection phase. Like the gemstone ponies, their bones will become crystal and how the crystals appear on the infected creatures body is open to the person willing to create one.

Desert Flurry is an example of a volatile infection.
Reference Sheet: Desert Flurry - Showstyle by ArcadianPhoenix Chibi Desert Flurry by ArcadianPhoenix

While the parasitic crystal does show signs of intelligence it can be manipulated. While infected creatures cannot get rid of the crystal they can use it to protect themselves if they are capable enough to manipulate the crystal in doing so. Creatures incapable of controlling it, like my oc Zanon, is still protected in ways by the crystal itself as it depends on its host to live long enough for the parasite to mature, usually this equates to having a much more sturdier bone structure and any infected areas are not solidified unless there is a benifit of it being solid. Like zanon's crystal hooves which are solid crystal. His feathers however mimic the softness and flexablitiy of his own natural feathers but still make it difficult for zanon to fly. This is dependent on the creator which parts of their creature they wish to have crystalized as it does not have to follow the same ruleset of my oc Zanon.

Zanon is an example of a controlled infection.
Zanon  Reference Sheet By Secret Pony! by Zanon-Shadow-Veil           Teen Zanon Ref Sheet  By ArcadianPhoenix by Zanon-Shadow-Veil           
But what about the floating crystal and those floating wing crystals?

Well those are part of the ongoing roleplay zanon does belong in, Zanon himself is not canon and the events of the floating crystal is not part of the parasitic crystal so any creature infected will not have a floating crystal over their heads. In zanons case its a powered up crystal to help offset the parasitic crystals growth from consuming zanon. If you are interested int his concept please note me and we can discuss of it getting used.

Wait you have been saying creatures alot. You mean Zanon is not a species?

No Zanon is just a pegasus who fell victim to a parasitic crystal some of the story behind that is in my gallery. The parasitic crystal can infect any creature and attempt to take it over, or be manipulated by said creature. So infected Gryphons, hydras, dragons  it can be anything after all its the concept of the parasitic crystal not a race or special species. This also means there are no gimmicks like needing to have gradients or guidelines as into how your creature looks. Want your exsiting oc to be infected. Yes you can do that. Color and design choices of your character are all up to you.
Here is another example of an infected creature. My changeling Phonias.
Commission  Phonias by AnaduKune 
She was very capable of manipulating the crystal itself and infact she infected herself. Her dominance over the crystal allowed her to create a crystal tail to use as a weapon keeping it flexable yet managing to turn it hard on inpact and restore its flexibility shortly after and would do so instinctively. She also used the parasitic crystal to enhance her chitinous hide making it even more durable and even sealing wounds with crystal. Eventually she almost dies attempting to protect her queens hive from destruction, being outnumbered she does fall losing her ability to control her crystal as before. Now the crystal slowly consumes her.
Commission 021: Phonias Redesign by ArcadianPhoenix
As you can see the crystal has taken over parts of her body yet allows her movement. She is fighting and struggling to once again regain control before its to late.

So what does this mean to everyone. If you have an oc that can manupulate the crystal. maybe they can create a shield to protect them or weapons to fight back How you desire the infection to look is up to your creativity but do please attempt to make it unique and not something else that is out there. If you have any further questions you can contact me and if you need help to express an idea with the parasitic crystal let me know.

The crystal usually will not consume its host and completely take over unless it feels that its host is about to die be it old age or if they die by other means.  when an infected host is turned into crystal some glowing portions can potentially infect other creatures that bump into it and end up wounded. Like gemstone ponies these crystals can gently glow as they do feed off faint magical properties depending on the creature.

So if ya wanna use either of the concepts Notify me :iconzanon-shadow-veil: or :iconarcadianphoenix: we normally will grant you permission. If anyone attempts to claim you created something similar to their own. Link them this journal and proof you have been granted permission by us to use these concepts. We do expect everyone who does use them to respect other peoples concepts that may be closed or have to be paid for to make them. do not copy their concept and use ours to have an oc like theirs. We do expect anyone who does adopt our concepts to write a small bio as in how their oc got infected or in the gemstoneponys species who they may belong to. Any further questions feel free to ask.

Now get creative!

:iconsecret-pony: Kindly made a base for people to use. All you need to do is credit the base and secret-pony
Free Pony Base: Gemstone ponies/Parasitic Crystals by secret-pony
This should help out those who do not art much but would love to get their character made.

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